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Friday, April 9, 2010


At school, I have spring break for a week. In that time, I went/am in India. Are you thinking"No fair, He gets to be in glorious India"? Well you're wrong, there is so much litter, and VERY bad movies. I saw patti and thata there too(a good thing, finally). I miss/missed home but I like/liked my stay. I went/came with my dad. We went on a tour and saw in Jaipur: Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Janter Manter, in Fatehpur Sikri: Akbar's fort, Agra Fort, and Taj Mahal. We took lunch break and stayed in a hotel(it was 2 days and 1 night). I enjoy India but I like US too. I am half happy and half sad. Which should I choose?


VG said...

Dear Mooshika, Enjoy your time at JP home, and come soon.....


Dear Anna,

Deepa said...

Hi Mooshika,
I'd say choose happy! It must have been great to see all those exciting places, and to see thatha patti too !! Waiting to hear all about your trip from you.
Deepu Chithi

satish said...

Wow so many places! I lived in India for 20 years and I have seen none of them. You went there for 1 week and saw so many. Now I feel jealous. Maybe I should also have gone with you :(

Joy said...

Dear Mooshika,

I would go with Deepu Chitti. Choose Happy. Enjoy the time you are in a place. Enjoy India when you are there, enjoy US when you are here. Great to know you were able to see so many places and get a taste of India :) You are a fantastic kid!!


J Attai

mooshika said...